My name is Jeff Kelly

I am important. I am smart. Please look at my website.

Some things I've made
(besides this website)



    Linked lists are often referred to in coding interviews questions.

    To better understand the concept, I created a linked list Python class object from scratch as well as a visual interface to interact with it (bugs included, such as when popping a node). Made with Flask.

  • Timeguard

    A remote time management aid created using Vue.js and Firebase which allows you to create timers (TimeGuards) which each have a unique URL that can be shared with any number of "Client" users.

    * Github repo for this project is not currently public.


  • SoundCloud
    Every once in a while I'll put up a sound.
  • ReverbNation
    The sound archives. I swear I'll back up these files one day.